A dose of travel inspo

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The world is a book and those who have not travelled have only read one page. – St Augustine

I got the travel bug during university when I was on my year abroad on an exchange programme. I had some funds to spare so I decided to explore the world. Saving it for the ‘future’ probably would have been the smart thing to do but that would not have satisfied the adventurous me.  Continue reading


Top Travel Websites


Everyone always asks me how I use to travel so frequently, that too as a student. It really isn’t that expensive.. you just need to find the right websites to make the most of your budget.

So here are my absolute favourite websites which can help you find the best ways to enjoy your holiday even if you are on a lower budget:
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Travel Handbag Essentials


There are a few things that NEED to be in my travel handbag when flying out. I have a habit of packing my bag the night before, I mostly keep chucking things in my bag here and there but I check it one last time right before I go to sleep. Here are my must-haves:

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When in Paris


The best thing about having friends abroad is that they know their own city and therefore are able to show you places you wouldn’t usually think of (being a tourist). Here are a few things I think everyone needs to see and do when in Paris:

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