Review: EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation

I finally got my hands on this foundation after hearing so many make-up “Gurus” raving about it! It has easily become my holy grail foundation just after 2-3 weeks of use.

Somehow, this foundation manages to have that rich creamy formula but doesn’t feel cakey at all!? I don’t know how they’ve done it but it’s actually amazing. I like to wear full coverage due to acne scarring so the fact that I can do so without the cake-face is fab 😀 I honestly think you can neither feel it nor see it. It really doesn’t look like you’re wearing much but still manage to have that flawless look!

I bought this foundation online so I was a bit weary about the colour. I believe Top Shop sell it as well and you can test it there so you won’t have to guess your shade. However, after doing some googling, I stumbled upon this:

My MAC shade is NC43.5 so I ordered the F400. It was a tiny bit darker than my skin tone (so it doesn’t actually match NC42 as suggested by this image) but nothing that a bright concealer couldn’t fix! I tend to buy foundations a little darker than my skin tone anyway so it’s all good. And let’s just talk about the “for olive skin tones part’.. if you have an olivey undertone you know the struggle! I swear it is near impossible for me to find a foundation shade that I like and don’t feel like I look grey wearing! So the fact that this brand’s sole focus is on that aspect is amazing – how considerate? It definitely evened out my skin tone perfectly.

I applied the foundation with the real techniques complexion sponge, as I do with all my other foundations. I also used a the Nivea Post Shave Balm as a primer and my make-up stayed on for 10 hours! Only after these 9-10 hours did my bronzer become blotchy and foundation start to oxidise. I have heard other people say that it’s not that long-wearing but it was fine for me. My average day requires me having my make-up on for around 9-10 hours and I’ve never had a problem. I never do touch-ups by the way..

Like I said, the texture is smooth and creamy but not runny at all. I actually prefer that kind of formula because it’s not as messy. It’s SO blend-able; it literally just melts into your skin, giving a really natural finish. Also, a little goes a very long way! I can definitely have good coverage with just one pump!

My favourite thing about it though, is that it doesn’t have flash-back which is the one thing I ALWAYS need in a foundation. I hate looking like a ghost in pictures because of the flash-back in some foundations.

I would say it’s medium coverage but you can build it up to full coverage without it caking up. It isn’t tacky either so I can accidentally touch my face as many times as I want! No smudging and no transfer onto my hands. What more could you want? I have oily skin so I used a setting powder. However, if you have dry skin I’m sure this foundation would be perfect without the powder as well!

It’s 100% fragrance-free which is perfect for me because I don’t really like having a scent to my face. Although, some of you might like having a scented foundation, I don’t think you could ever go wrong with a fragrance-free foundation. The size is pretty standard at 30ml.. nothing much to say about that really.

The packaging is not the best. The bottle and cap are both plastic – the cap being easily breakable. I generally like copper as a colour but I feel like the lid on this foundation is too shiny to the point that it actually looks cheap. The good thing about it though, is that it’s very light and the bottle itself won’t break – great for travelling! 10/10 for having a pump – I hate it when foundations have any other kind of applicator or for that matter, none at all.

Overall, I LOVE this foundation. For only £10.00 I really can’t complain! If you’ve tried this foundation tell me what you think?


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