Mock Trials

Mock trials were by far my favourite legal extra-cirricular activity. A mock trial is an imitation of a real trial. I’m sure a lot of you knew that but just for the sake of this post I wanted to put it out there.

I was with my university’s Advocacy Team for two years and I am so grateful for this experience!  I had the chance of going through the whole procedure just like I would as an actual Barrister. From opening statements, to cross-examinations – I loved every bit of it!

The University of Hertfordshire has it’s own court room (as shown above) which you might recognise if you watched the BBC show ‘Silk’. Having this courtroom, it was very easy to get into the gist of things and act as if it was a real case. I have always loved the advocacy side of law practice and that is eventually what I aim to do; so having this opportunity developed my passion of becoming an advocate even further.

I also had great teachers who really put their all into teaching us, namely Neal Geach and Nicola Monaghan. It was nice to see them so passionate about it and I guess that’s what got me more into it.


This picture was taken just after a mock trial (that’s why my hair isn’t tied up). Seems like such a long time ago and I truly miss this SO much! Some people find the robes and especially the wig very outdated but I like it. I think it’s very traditional.

I’m slowly working my way up to become an advocate; be it as a Solicitor Advocate or a Barrister.. but let me just say they weren’t kidding when they said it isn’t easy. I just hope all this hard work pays off.

For you law students out there, if your University has an advocacy team I would HIGHLY recommend joining! It really is an amazing experience. Yes, it is nerve-wracking but that’s the only way to learn, right? Even if you don’t intend on becoming a barrister/advocate I would still urge you to join as you’ll learn so many different skills and it will boost your confidence A LOT. Or, you might end up changing your mind in the future and go on to become an advocate after all.

If anyone needs any advice or tips, please feel free to message me. I know how you’re feeling, I’ve been through it!


2 thoughts on “Mock Trials

  1. The Beauty Spot Blog Uk says:

    Great post! I started following you this week when you commented on one of my posts. I cannot claim to know ANYTHING about law, but having watched 4 seasons of Suits in the last month, I’m quite fascinated by everything! I know Suits will very much be sensationalised, but it’s great TV and has given me more of an insight into the law profession than I’ve ever had before!
    Great post to read! Xx


    • Ramsha Vistro says:

      Aww thank you so much for the kind words!! Yes the legal field is very fascinating but daunting! However, suits only shows the glamorous and interesting side of law practice 🙄
      Thank you once again! It’s nice to know that people other than law students read my legal posts 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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