Review: Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream


Hello my lovelies!

This review is actually in collaboration with Sprinkle of Surprise! As she is based in America and I am based here in England, I thought it would be fun to recommend a product to each other from our respective countries. She recommended me an American branded product and I recommended her a British one – both drugstore products. Check out Sprinkle of Surprise’s review to find out which product I recommended! And follow her on Instagram to see what she’s up to.

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream Review

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After seeing literally EVERYONE rave about these lip creams I thought it was time to get my hands on one! I decided to get it in the shade ‘Abu Dhabi’.


This product is VERY creamy and definitely lives up to its name! However, I think maybe a little too creamy for me; I don’t like it when I can feel the product on my lips. It does dry within 15-30mins but it’s still.. sticky? You know what I mean. It does look matte though which is definitely a plus point.

It stays on for a pretty long time; definitely more than just a couple of hours and I think that is a lot more than what some liquid lipsticks can do. Also, it is really opaque which I personally love! I hardly tend to like sheer lip products so another strong point.

The smell isn’t really strong so I’m indifferent to it. It’s definitely more good than bad; like perfume with a hint of cosmetic-y scent.


I actually quite like the packaging. It has a doe foot applicator which is my favorite because it’s just easy to use and pretty precise as well.


The actual body doesn’t look nor feel cheap at all. I love the size too because I could just chuck it in my bag. However, the shade on the packaging does not correspond with the shade of the actual product – at least not for this specific lip cream. Now why would you do that?


Unfortunately, I’m not lucky enough to be able to order whatever colour I like online as my skin tone does not allow it. To me, this lip cream was supposed to be a deep rosy beige kind of shade which should have looked like a nude on me. However, that is not what it looks like at all. It looks like I’ve got concealer on my lips:


I have to say, I was REALLY disappointed with the colour and I understand that there is this risk when you order something online but I wasn’t expecting it to be THIS light. It kinda looks ‘frosty’ even, no? Make up companies really need to understand that there are people with deeper skin tones who go out and buy their make-up so why do they only provide swatches on fair skinned models?! I’m sure this colour would look great on some people, just not me.


I really can’t complain. You get 12ml for £5.50 which is definitely affordable. I ordered mine from Selfridges though, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find much cheaper ones online.



I probably would go out and buy another one of these if the colour was right as I think the quality is actually not too bad. Let me know down in the comments below what you thought of these lip creams!

I actually want to try the new Nyx Lip Lingerie Lipsticks, has anyone tried them?


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