When in Copenhagen: Part 2


We made our way to Tivoli Gardens on the second day. I actually thought it was literally a garden, just bigger. It was actually a theme with flowers and plants surrounding it.


We only went on one ride I think as we didn’t have time to spend the whole day here. It is actually really pretty with the theme park, water and plants/flowers. Completely different to what I’ve ever seen before.


We had some ice-cream and walked around for a bit, just taking everything in.


It was time to visit the beautiful Nyhavn now. It was honestly breath-taking, I didn’t want to leave! As we arrived, we walked around for a bit and then sat down to have lunch at the waterfront. There’s a whole strip of restaurants by the water so we were definitely spoilt for choice!

After that, we decided to walk to the Little Mermaid. No, I do not mean the Disney movie! The Little Mermaid is a landmark – it’s a statue on a rock by the waterside. So we thought it wouldn’t be that far as it was by the water but no, we were wrong. I mean, we had asked the waiter how long of a walk it was and he had said 20 minutes. It was no where near 20 mins! We ended up walking for about an hour and a half!! But it wasn’t too bad as we got to explore more of the city 🙂 so it was all good.

10432475_933029870098144_1169069589387251691_n (1)

We were pretty far out at this point so it took us a while to walk back to the bus stop. We managed to find it after walking another half an hour but by that point we were pretty tired so we went home and made ourselves dinner, then went out to meet one of Jessa’s friends for drinks. After that, we called it a night.

We were actually supposed to go back to the Tivoli Gardens for the Illuminations but for some reason the website had the wrong time on it and we got there an hour late 😦 so we didn’t actually get to see it. Oh well, wasn’t meant to be I guess. Next time.

Part 3 coming soon!


2 thoughts on “When in Copenhagen: Part 2

    • Ramsha Vistro says:


      Yes there are so many things to do there that’s why my Copenhagen experience is posted in three parts haha 😀 I loved it there, will surely go back soon!

      Thank you, I’m just about to come and check your blog out 🙂


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