Top Travel Websites


Everyone always asks me how I use to travel so frequently, that too as a student. It really isn’t that expensive.. you just need to find the right websites to make the most of your budget.

So here are my absolute favourite websites which can help you find the best ways to enjoy your holiday even if you are on a lower budget:


Skyscanner – This has to be the best flight comparing website out there! I’m really surprised when people tell me they haven’t even heard about it let alone used it. I thought it was the go-to website for booking flights but I guess not?
Skyscanner compares all the possible flights for the chosen destination and provides you with the cheapest option. However, you don’t always have to put a specific destination as they have the ‘EVERYWHERE’ option which I absolutely love! So, say I want to go on holiday but I’m not quite sure where I really want to go – I just put ‘everywhere’ as my destination and it comes up with the cheapest to most expensive options. It’s perfect for the more adventurous travellers like myself!



Rome2Rio – Not many people know about this website but it is completely genius. All you need to do is type in the location you are travelling from and where you are travelling to. This website then gives you all the details on the fastest and cheapest way to get there descending from best to worst. And when I say all the details I literally mean ALL OF THEM as it includes travel by buses, trains and cars along with how much each would cost; including petrol costs. How amazing!



Air BnB – The majority of my money was spent on accommodation when on holiday, unless I was living in a hostel. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really like staying in hostels and sharing a room and bathroom with so many people; I’d much rather have my own space. But until I found this website I had to stay in hostels to keep within my budget. Air Bnb gives you the option of renting out someone else’s apartment or just a room for a limited amount of time. It definitely gives a more of an authentic feel than any hostel or hotel can provide.

I hope this information is somewhat helpful to all those who want to have a great holiday, whatever the budget.

Safe travels!

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