When in Copenhagen: Part 1


My trip to Copenhagen was one of my favourites to date. I honestly did not expect it to be so pretty and full of culture!

Here’s a breakdown of my first day there:

Day 1:

I landed at around 11am at Copenhagen Airport but the apartment I was staying at was a metro and a bus ride away. Even though I was so sleepy from having to wake up early that morning, I had to gather up the energy to make my way home. We had booked an apartment via Airbnb and it was something crazy like £14/night pp for the whole one bed apartment including wifi etc. and the location was not bad either – only a 15 min bus to the City Centre. (Check out my post Top Travel Websites for more information on Airbnb).

I went to the ATM and took some money out for the metro and bus tickets. I have to be honest, their money is very interesting.. Especially the coins.


Anyway, I bought the metro ticket and made my way to Norreport Station in the city centre (where I needed to catch the bus). It was pretty straightforward really; I don’t get nervous about travelling on my own or finding my way anymore anyway. I mean, whats the worst that could happen? I could get lost, but that’s an adventure in itself. Everyone spoke English there anyway, which I actually didn’t expect for some reason. They were also SUPER friendly.

So I got to the station and asked my way around to the bus stop I needed to get to. I walked from the bus stop to the apartment by using the map on my phone. My friend Jessa was already there, she’d arrived the previous afternoon.

I freshened up, had a bite to eat which Jessa had kindly prepared for me and then we started to plan our day. At this point, it was already past noon so we were looking to go somewhere that didn’t need a full day.


So we decided to go to Christiania first. We left at around 2 and had already seen the route to get to there which was just a bus and couple of metro stops away.

Now, I have to say this was a VERY interesting place; nothing like I’ve seen before. It’s known as a free town which is run by its own laws and seems to be some sort of a hippie community area. The houses there are crazy – mostly old but very colourful and creative!


This place is full of small cafes/restaurant. We popped into a little “restaurant” and I’m so glad we did; it gave off such a chilled, social vibe. There were benches outside where people were just chatting, eating, playing cards, playing songs etc etc. I loved it.


We walked around and just admired its beauty, culture and edginess. There were lots of little stalls where people were selling clothes, jewellery, postcards etc. There were also other smaller stalls disguised with army leaf camouflage where people were selling weed and space cakes. At first, me and Jessa were super confused as to what they were so we literally just stood around watching what people were doing going in and out of these stalls. After about 10 minutes of watching, we finally realised what was going on!

I have to warn you though, like I said, Christiania runs by its own laws and they have a lot of rules regarding taking pictures or even having cameras on you. I really don’t know how I slipped in all these pictures without anyone saying anything to me!


If you ever go to Copenhagen then be sure to visit Christiania. It’s definitely worth a visit!

After visiting Christiania we strolled the streets of Copenhagen, just admiring its beauty and culture.

We then decided to go home and get some rest for a bit as I was pretty tired. We were hungry a few hours later so we left again at 9 to find somewhere local to eat. We wanted to eat Danish food but trust me, it was a MISSION to find somewhere to eat! Most of the restaurants had already closed so we just roamed the streets for about an hour in search of a place to eat. We finally found a small pizza place and ended up having our dinner there.

WARNING: when in Copenhagen, do not wait till 9 to have your dinner!

After eating we made our way home, planned stuff to do for the next day and called it a night.

Stay tuned for Part 2 🙂



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