The Mystery of Coloured Concealers


I always use to wonder what all these different coloured concealers were used for and whether they actually worked. I’m sure there are some of you out there who still have these questions in their minds. Well, hopefully this post can help with that. I’m going to give a quick run down on the purpose of each colour:

Purple Concealers are usually used to eliminate any yellow undertones on your skin that you may not like. Like me, some people tend to have a yellowish, kind of dull complexion. For those who do, running a purple concealer over parts of your face or a purple primer over your whole face can add a really nice glow to your skin. I would recommend a concealer for small areas and a colour correcting primer for your whole face.

Green Concealers neutralize red tones. Therefore, if you have any redness around your face then its best to pick up a green concealer. Some tend to have natural redness around their nose whilst others may have red acne scars but whatever it may be, a green concealer is the way to go. If you think most of your face has redness then you may want to consider a green primer for an overall even skin-tone.

Yellow Concealers are ideal for covering up purply blue bruises or veins. These concealers are the most commonly used – they are great for evening out your skin tone and even work great on the eyelid as an eye shadow base if your eye shadow primer isn’t handy.

Salmon Coloured Concealers are a mixture of red, orange and pink shades and these concealers are great for fighting dark circles. They are perfect for brightening the under-eye area and covering up tiredness. They also help soften unwanted olive tones.

Orange Concealers are for the more dark skinned ladies like myself. These can combat any kind of discoloration including blemishes, dark spots or dark circles. They are also great for hiding burn marks.

White Concealers can be scary because we can look ghostly if applied wrong. I would say its best to use these concealers as a highlight. So, all the usual points on your face which need highlighting such as on top of your cheek bones, bridge of your nose, cupid’s bow, inner corner of your eye and under your brow bone. If this is too subtle for you (as it would be for me) then don’t be afraid to go over it with a powder highlighter.

So that is all the different coloured concealers I can think of. I hope this helped and if you have any other questions regarding colour correcting then comment below!


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