Graduation Prep!


I’ve finished my law degree in June but my Graduation Ceremony is in a couple of days. I am so excited about it – I haven’t even been able to sleep properly the last few nights!

I’ve been so worried lately though, because I still haven’t put together an outfit 😦 I’m going to be wearing trousers and a blouse. Not a dress because I can’t show my legs and I don’t want to wear tights underneath as it ruins the look so I went for trousers which I’m happy with.

BUT.. I just can’t seem to find the right pair. I want coloured ones because my gown is black and gray and I don’t want to look too dull. I ordered beige trousers with a black lace crop top, a beige duster and black strappy heels. It looked really bad!

So I naturally panicked and ordered another 5 pairs of coloured trousers and 5 blouses with 2 pairs of shoes. Yes, I went a little crazy but I’d rather have options than not have an outfit. And did I mention it’s in 4 days?! Don’t worry, I’ll be returning everything I won’t be wearing.

I really wanted electric blue trousers but I couldn’t find any so I just got red, rust and a few blush/pink/peach colours.  I could have gotten maroon/burgandy but my friend is wearing that colour and I don’t want to have the same look. And no, I don’t wear prints.

I’m not just worried about the outfit though, it’s actually my make-up I’m more worried about. Everyone know’s I’m more of a make-up girl. I just feel like on the day, it’s my face and hair that will be mostly visible as my clothes will be swallowed by the gown. I also want my pictures to come out amazing so my make up needs to be perfect. I’ve even thought about getting it done by MAC but to be honest, I’m way too lazy for that. Plus, I think I’m confident enough to do my own.

So I was thinking about wearing the Dior Dream Skin Primer and Dior Star foundation. The primer because  it feels amazing on the skin and it evens out my skin tone and as some of you may know, I still have a few acne scars so I really need that. The foundation because it literally makes my skin look flawless – like unrealistically flawless and I’m all for that. It also photographs really well even though it has an SPF of 30. I don’t really know how that works but it has no flashback whatsoever and I definitely don’t want my face looking white/gray because of the flash so I think I will stick to this. Now I just need to figure out what concealer to use. I will definitely do a follow up post regarding the wear of these two products.

Talking of photographs, I also need to sort out a camera!

I’m still thinking about what kind of eye make-up to do but I’m definitely leaning more towards a bronzy look because I want to keep it ‘natural’. I don’t want to overdo it because I want to look like myself and so I think I’ll stay neutral; especially on the eyes. I might add a bit of colour on my lips but that also depends on the colour of my trousers. I’ll definitely be wearing false lashes – I’ve only worn them once or twice before and even though they don’t make THAT much of a difference as I already have pretty full and long lashes, I still like the extra oomph. I’ll go for more of the fluttery/natural ones though, rather than the really full and obvious ones.

Probably going to curl or blow dry my hair, not too sure. I recently coloured it so for now I am just focusing on bringing it back to life as it has gone really dull as expected.

I have so much to do! Please help me out and let me know if you have any tips for me for graduation?

Thank you !


4 thoughts on “Graduation Prep!

  1. tazziedee says:

    Hi! I just graduated in July. I straightened my hair, wore a grey bodycon dress with black heels. For your hair I’d suggest you use a deep conditioner the night before. And then when styling use a shine reflecting hairspray (elnett do good ones) my hair turned out so glossy in my pic. Btw congrats on your graduation x

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