Haircare Routine


I get asked about my hair everywhere I go – how is it so thick? so shiny? etc. etc. and there are a couple of answers to all these questions:


I usually oil my hair at least once every two weeks and this has been a habit all my life. I’ve grown up with my mum oiling my hair since I was younger and of course I’ve carried that on. I can assure you, I definitely see instant results after I wash the oil out -my hair feels so soft and looks amazingly shiny!

I tend to mix many oils together to get the perfect mixture. These include olive oil, coconut oil (sometimes infused with curry leaves), black seed oil, almond oil and mustard oil. You don’t have to mix all of them, you can choose to use only one or a couple – it’s really up to you.

So what I do is take a small bowl and mix about a teaspoon of each (you may need more if you have longer hair) except the black seed oil which you only really need a drop or two of. I then put it in the microwave for about 10/20 seconds, until it’s warm – you don’t want it to be too hot as it can burn your scalp.

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After that, I dip my fingers in the mixture and start applying it to my roots – you always want to start with your roots as that’s where the hair gets its nutrients from. After I’m done with the roots, I apply  the rest of the mixture to the shaft and ends of my hair, and this helps with any dullness or damage that has been caused.

I leave the oil in my hair for no more than 4 hours and then wash it out. Some people leave it in overnight which can be easier however I always wake up with a headache if I do so and therefore, choose not to. I usually have to shampoo my hair twice to rid the hair of any oily residue and then apply conditioner like normal. I do sometimes find that my hair smells of oil but it does fade away by the next day. You could also add an essential oil to add a nicer aroma e.g. lavender.


I cut my own hair and it really isn’t that hard How many of you have gone to the hairdresser’s and had the shock of your life when they show you the final result? Yeah, me too. My mum use to cut my hair when I was younger but for some reason one day I decided to go to the hairdressers. My hair was really long (up to my waist to be precise) and had a blunt, straight cut. I wanted some layers in them and that’s exactly what I asked for. Oh My God.. she cut it all the way up, above my shoulders. Now, if she had given me layers and my hair had been that short then maybe I would have been okay with it. But no, she had cut it straight – no layers. I remember going home and crying my eyes out because it truly was so so short; much shorter than I was use to.

That was the day I decided that from now on, I’d cut my own hair. I was about 15 and since then I experimented with my hair  A LOT. Of course I made mistakes and sometimes cut it wrong or shorter than I wanted but it was much better than someone else ruining my hair! Since then, I have been my own hairdresser and now, I can cut it just fine. Be it straight, layered, choppy, feathery I can do it all. All you need is confidence and youtube. Trust me. Because I know my own hair so well, the textures, the length, the weight – I’ve learnt what is right for my hair exactly.

I know many of you will be a bit apprehensive about this idea but after a few tries it all works out – practice makes perfect, it really does.


I never dyed my hair until I was 20 and I dyed it once, that’s it. I was lucky enough not to have a major disaster. Even though my hair didn’t come out exactly how I wanted it to, I lived with it instead of dying it again. I’m not gonna lie, my hair was pretty damaged due to all the chemicals but I took extra care of it – I made it a habit to oil it every week and bought Argon Oil to keep it moisturised. This is one issue I see everywhere – girls who dye their hair forget to take extra care of it.

The perfect situation would be to not dye your hair at all but even if you choose to do it, don’t forget to pay extra attention to the damage caused. Use hair masks or oils but try and get the moisture back in there!


How many times a week do you shampoo your hair? Everyday? Every other day?
Well, I only shampoo it usually twice or sometimes three times a week. That may sound gross to some but that is the healthy way. When you shampoo your hair, yes you are cleaning it but you are also stripping away all of its natural oils which means that your hair is left to be really dry and dull. Therefore, washing it every day is not healthy at all.

I know this is a really long post but I do hope that it has brought solutions for some of you having hair issues. If you have any questions feel free to comment below or e-mail me!


2 thoughts on “Haircare Routine

  1. asra says:

    i use to oil y hairs before every wash but they are not growing 😦 they are too much thin and rough .. i can not let them open .. they are dry .. split ends.. i think i have every problem related to hairs .. please tell me a weekly diet plan with all other essentials please please i really need it … please inbox me all the details as early as possible please …thank you

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