6 Ways To Travel For ‘Free’


Everyone knows that it costs some money to travel. Some may find it pretty expensive others.. not so much. But it still costs money and I’m sure everyone wants to travel without spending anything!

Technically, you might still be paying for some things so its not completely free but some aspects definitely are. Here’s how:

  1. Teach English
    This is a great way to have your flights and accommodation paid for along with earning a monthly salary. There are so many programmes that require people to go abroad and teach English. Lucky for many, that shouldn’t be too hard because all you need is the ability to speak good English and you might have to do the TEFL course but that’s about it.
  2. Volunteer
    Another way to have your flights, accommodation and food paid for. If you think you are able to go abroad and volunteer there for a good cause then why not? There are so many charities and organisations looking for volunteers and require them in developing countries. All you need to do is a little research and you should be able to find what you’re looking for.
  3. Au Pair
    Not everyone knows about this but it’s where you go abroad and live with a family to assist in caring for their child(ren). You’ll be living with the host family so accommodation and food is provided for by them and you usually receive a little allowance every month. This way, you have a job but you also get to travel and don’t need to worry about where to live and what to eat.
  4. Couch Surf
    This may not be for everyone but here goes. Basically, what you do is literally stay overnight as a guest at people’s homes and.. it’s free. Now, you might be wondering why people would just let randomers stay on their couch for a night or two? Well, you might just be surprised at how friendly people are. Some people love meeting others from different countries and helping them out for no reason; just being kind. This is an amazing way to have free accommodation and get to know locals or even befriend them!
  5. House-sit
    House sitting is where you go abroad and look after someone’s house. The home-owners are usually away from their home for a long period of time and are probably worried about the security of their home so that’s why they want someone to look after it. I know what all of you are thinking – is it safe to let a stranger look after your home? Well, if you want to be a house-sitter firstly, you will need to pay a small fee and secondly, all your details will be taken down just in case if anything does go wrong. Therefore, by house-sitting you will be getting a whole house to yourself for free whilst you are on holiday.
  6. House Swap
    Who’s seen the movie ‘The Holiday’? If you haven’t then you need to! Anyway, house swapping is where you swap your house with someone from another country. So say you live in New York; I want to vacation there and you want to vacation here in London – we can arrange to basically live in each others homes for the period of time we mutually decide on. This way both parties will be able to reside in the other country without having to pay anything for accommodation.

So these are just a few of the ways that I know. I got to know about them from the friends I made whilst abroad or from people that I literally met at the airport. That’s one of the amazing things about travelling – you meet so many people; of all kinds and it’s great learning from them.

One of the reasons I am so knowledgeable about travelling and things related to travelling is because of the people I met whilst abroad. And I can definitely say that I have made a couple of friends for life.



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