Autumn/Winter 2015 Make-Up Trends


Many people don’t change their make up looks with the change in season and tend to stick with their normal make-up regime. But it’s nice to change it up a bit, right ?

This autumn/winter it’s all about graphic liner, smoked out eyes, flushed cheeks and bold lips!


Graphic Liner: This Autumn is about eye liner – lucky for those who love winging it out because it seems like the cat eye craze is going strong. However, don’t just stop there because graphic liner includes any and all sorts of things; so don’t be afraid to try out different looks with your eyeliner!

Here’s an example:


It’s a little different but nothing too crazy or unrealistic.

Smoked out: If youre wearing dark shadows this autumn be sure to smoke them out. Blend blend blend until your hands hurt! That’s the look you want to go for. A little something like this:


This might just look like a normal smoky eye to you and in essence, it might be but the difference is that here you can’t see where the edge of the eye make-up is. It’s smoked out so much that it seems like it just fades into her own skin and that’s exactly what you want to do. Don’t forget to smoke out the lower lash line as well!

Metallic eyes: This is going to be very ‘in’ this season. You might not even want to blend the crease out with a different (matt) colour – you can just put this all over the lid and you’re done. So effortless!


Long Natural Lashes: Big lashes is what everyone is going to be wearing. However, I don’t mean fake lashes I mean your natural lashes. Put on some mascara but not too much, just enough so that they look big but still natural.



Most of you wont be happy about this but it’s time to pack up your contour kits and store them away because you definitely won’t be needing them this Autumn! It’s all about the flushed cheeks with that natural rosy colour. Pinks and peaches are the in-trend blush colours so make sure you’ve got some you can use.



The Classic Red: It’s back! Nude lips have been a big trend for such a long time now but it’s time to change that. The classic Taylor Swift lip is the new everyday trend.


Vampy Lips: So this includes really deep shades – mostly berry toned. This may not be for everyone. Like me personally, I never thought I would be able to pull off a dark lip colour but I eventually decided to give it a go!


This is MAC’s ‘Rebel’ and I have to say, the name says it all. Go against the norms you’ve created for yourself and you may be pleasantly surprised!

You may see some lip colours that are near black and that’s fine. Don’t limit yourself because I have a feeling that really dark lips are going to be the new trend!



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