What I Do When I’m Feeling Down


I like to keep to myself when I’m upset and don’t usually talk to anyone. Some may think that that may make things worse for them and that’s fine. I, however, find that because I’m down I don’t really interact with other people in the best way and can become pretty snappy so instead of ending up upsetting others around me I think it’s better to keep to myself.

I’ve found that the best way to cheer myself up is by relaxing. Now, this could mean many things so here’s my take on ‘relaxing’:

Scented Candles:

There’s something about candles that just make me happy.. and even better if they’re scented! They just somehow make me feel better because I feel all cosy so it helps me relax.

A Bubble Bath:

Is there anything better than running a hot bubble bath on a gloomy day? I think not. Better yet, throw a bath bomb in there – I use the Lush Bath Bombs usually ‘Sakura’ or ‘Think Pink’. I come out smelling amazing and soooo relaxed, I love it!


So some would think listening to more up-beat songs would cheer people up. Not me – I just don’t feel like I’m in the best of moods to be listening to Hip-Hop and I definitely don’t want to force myself just to try and cheer myself up. What I do is put on slower songs; usually acoustic. I love listening to some of Ed Sheeran’s songs like ‘I See Fire’ or ‘Tenerife Sea’. I tend to put on a playlist on Spotify or use the ‘Radio’ option (which is fantastic by the way).

The best thing ever though, is to combine these three things together – have a bubble bath with candles surrounding me and music on in the background. Literally the BEST. THING. EVER.



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