My Morning Routine


Recently I have been getting quite a few compliments on my skin and that’s pretty unusual for me because I have always been so conscious about it as I use to have acne and still have a few acne scars.

I have to be honest though, I have seen a difference since I’ve started a proper morning routine and as I always get asked on it I thought I’d share it with you guys.


So the first thing I do (after brushing my teeth) is wash my face with the Neutrogena Oil-Free Facewash. I still have acne prone skin so I decided to stick with the same facewash I’ve been using for years. This facewash is amazing! Just after one wash my spots seem to go down and with enough washes they go away. Love it.

Pure active _ 3 in 1 _ l

I don’t exfoliate my face everyday as I have somewhat sensitive skin and I feel it’s best for me to only exfoliate twice a week. I use the Garnier 3 in 1 Pure Active Facewash. This has to be my favourite facewash and trust me, I’ve tried SO many! It just makes my skin feeling so clean and smooth.

As I have clean hands after that, I put in my contacts and then it’s time to moisturise! I use the Avon Solution Truly Radiant Day Cream. After applying it, it doesn’t leave any residue or leaving my skin feeling ‘oily’ – my face just feels nicely moisturised. As you can see, it has SPF 15 which is great because that means I don’t have to use another product to protect my skin (I don’t like to go overboard with putting multiple products on my face).

eye roller

Using this is my favourite part of the routine. It’s the Avon Solutions Truly Radiant Brightening Eye-roller. To use it, I just place it under my eyes and roll it around in that under-eye area. It has some kind of oil that also comes out and so I usually shake it before using it. It has a metal ball at the top which stays pretty cold but the best thing about it is that it vibrates! This eye-roller has worked wonders – as the roller at the top is cold, it takes away any morning puffiness around the eyes. My dark circles went away instantly and when I say instantly I literally mean by the second day. Those of you who have puffy eyes or dark circles you want to get rid of try investing in an eye-roller. It doesn’t have to be this one but this is the only one I have tried and it works so I can only recommend this one. It definitely wakes me up and brightens my under-eyes drastically with time.


I start the day with drinking two glasses of water. As I wouldn’t have had anything to drink for the 8 hours I was sleeping, my body naturally feels dehydrated and so drinking water right after I wake up instantly hydrates me. Also, I’ve noticed my skin clear up even more after I made this into a habit. I usually have a bottle of water on my bed side table so that I don’t forget.

If you haven’t tried some of the things I do and have similar issues you want to overcome then try it out – it might work for you too!


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