My Favourite Places to Eat/Drink in Valencia


I ate out so much when I was living in Valencia – I barely cooked. But at least it gave me the chance to tell you all about the amazing kinds of food I was introduced to, right?

I found myself living on vegetables and seafood and most of the meat there wasn’t halal. Also, the Spanish are pretty big on pork and I don’t eat that anyway. However, I didn’t mind not eating meat for six months at all! In fact, I’ve actually thought about turning into a Pescatarian after moving back from Spain. But that’s another discussion for another time. Let’s just stick with my favourite foods in Valencia for now!



That is a picture of the first ever Seafood Paella I’d ever had. I even remember the name of it on the menu – ‘Paella Señorita.’

Ever since I’d stepped foot on Valencian ground all I would hear people tell me was that I HAD to try Paella and I can’t leave without having it! So naturally, my expectations were pretty high at this point as it had been around two weeks of me living there until I had gotten the chance to try it. I have to say, it definitely lived up to my expectations. I loved it!

For those of you who don’t know, Paella is a Spanish rice dish originating from Valencia. Typical Valencian Paella consists of various beans, chicken and rabbit (sometimes snails). However, as the meat was not halal I was unable to try that one. Although I was very happy with my seafood paella!

I can’t remember the name of the restaurant I went to but it was in Plaza Ayuntamiento which is in the city centre.


Who goes to Spain and doesn’t have tapas? I literally LIVED on tapas when I was there and I never got tired of it! You wont have to look for tapas places when you’re in Spain – you’ll find it pretty much everywhere!

Tapas is basically a range of appetizers; hot and cold. Some of my favourites include:


Calamares (Calamari) – battered squid


Patatas Bravas – boiled potatoes topped with a spicy tomato sauce and garlic aioli


Tortilla Espanola (Spanish Omelette) – essentially a potato omelette


Olives – I never knew how many different kinds of olives there were until I actually tried a load of them in Valencia! It became kind of a norm to have olives before every meal actually and lucky for me, I absolutely love them!


There’s a place called Tanto Monta in Plaza Xuqer which does the best tapas! They have small pieces of toasted bread with a choice of many many toppings – I just love how they put their own twist on simple tapas. If you ever visit Valencia, be sure to check it out!


There was also another place called 100 Montaditos (which isn’t exclusive to Valencia btw) but this was hands down the cheapest place to eat. Sometimes there’d be days when I wanted to eat out but didn’t want to spend too much as I’d have plans to eat out for dinner too. Here, each montadito (mini sandwich) costs 1 Euro.. Yes 1 Euro! Amazing right?



I love Horchata! It looks like milk but it’s not. What it is though, is very sweet! It originates from Valencia and is made from tiger nuts, water and sugar. It’s really cold when served and you usually have it with fartons. Fartons can be said to be a kind of bread dusted with sugar. They are usually in that shape (shown above) and you can get different kinds e.g. with a chocolate filling. However, my favourite are the normal ones with no filling.

The Horchateria I always ended up going to was called ‘Santa Catalina’ which was also in the city centre. I just love how authentic and cultural it looks.

I could go on and on about the many different things I loved to eat/drink whilst living in Valencia but this post is pretty long as it is. But hopefully, this will give you an insight on the kind of food you’ll find when/if you’re there!

Happy munching x


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