Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum


I had heard so many good things about this foundation but never decided to buy it because I used to have really oily skin. As it is a gel serum and isn’t oil-free I didn’t think to invest in it. Now, I have combination skin due to the acne tablets I had been taking so I started buying foundations with more of a dewy finish and the first one I thought to buy was this one. I am so glad I did!

It is so lightweight – sometimes I forget I am even wearing any foundation. The coverage is pretty light and although I tend to reach for products with a more fuller coverage (due to acne scars) I was still happy with the coverage this foundation provides as it is very buildable. It may put some people off but this foundation has a fruity scent to it although, it is not that strong and I (personally) don’t mind it at all as I can hardly smell it on my face. However, it is definitely much better than the usual cosmetic scent that every other foundation has.

In the past, I would always go for foundations with a matte finish. However, this foundation has a semi-matte finish and even though I always powder my whole face after applying it, it still gives off a touch of dewiness to my skin. It says that it can last up to 16 hours – I have never worn it for that long but I did wear it for about 10 hours and it still looked and felt the same as when I first put it on.

Overall, I would say that I am pretty happy with my purchase and it’s a very good foundation, especially for just £10.99. For those who are wondering, I’m in the shade ’58 – Dark Bronze.’


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