The pursuit of perfection

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 “No matter how plain a woman may be, if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

I’m sure most of you would agree that in this day and age, people are more than just obsessed with being perfect. And it’s mostly focused on looking perfect. Not even a single strand of hair should be out of place, the eyebrows need to be on fleek and the skin… flawless, of course. This idea that we have all infused in our mind is a reflection of society and now, a reflection of us. More often than not, when we speak of beauty, we automatically think of physical appearance. But what about inner beauty?

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Fashion Week Etiquette

tom ford

Let us all admit that we do a little happy dance as soon as we receive our fashion week invites, especially us fashion-obsessed beings. I know everyone loves the glitz, glamour and gorgeousness of a fashion show… that’s all well and good, but how many of you know there’s a certain set of unspoken rules expected of fashion week attendees? Judging from my personal experience, not many.

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4 kinds of smokey eyes


With autumn nearly here, many fashionistas will be inclined to rock a smokey eye. But did you know that it doesn’t always have to be black? Your makeup should complement your attire so you can put your best foot forward when it comes to major events.

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A dose of travel inspo

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The world is a book and those who have not travelled have only read one page. – St Augustine

I got the travel bug during university when I was on my year abroad on an exchange programme. I had some funds to spare so I decided to explore the world. Saving it for the ‘future’ probably would have been the smart thing to do but that would not have satisfied the adventurous me.  Continue reading

The Elle Beauty Awards 2017 – Favourite Looks


Numerous Bollywood A-listers attended the eleventh installment of the Elle Beauty Awards held on Wednesday night. The stars included Malaika Arora, Diana Penty, Athiya Shetty, Richa Chadda, Kavya Trehan, Nidhhi Agerwal, Bani J and more.

Although many graced the event with their presence, only some caught my eye on the star-studded red carpet.

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Life Update: Leaving London!



Hi Guys!

I know I haven’t put up a blog post in about two weeks now but I have been REALLY busy lately so I thought I’d just update everyone as to what I’ve been up to. I know this post may not be of interest to many of you but here goes anyway:

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Review: Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream


Hello my lovelies!

This review is actually in collaboration with Sprinkle of Surprise! As she is based in America and I am based here in England, I thought it would be fun to recommend a product to each other from our respective countries. She recommended me an American branded product and I recommended her a British one – both drugstore products. Check out Sprinkle of Surprise’s review to find out which product I recommended! And follow her on Instagram to see what she’s up to.

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Top Travel Websites


Everyone always asks me how I use to travel so frequently, that too as a student. It really isn’t that expensive.. you just need to find the right websites to make the most of your budget.

So here are my absolute favourite websites which can help you find the best ways to enjoy your holiday even if you are on a lower budget:
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Arbonne Products Review: Skincare


I had been trying out some Arbonne skincare products the past month and thought I would do a review on them.

Many of you may not know about Arbonne but their products are  botanically based and earth friendly; I’m all for that! It is an online-based company so everything is available on their website.

Just a disclaimer, I am not being paid to do this – these are completely, 100% my honest thoughts:
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Get My Look: Jumpsuitin’

I went to a friend’s birthday party a week or two ago at the Landmark Hotel for afternoon tea and I decided to wear this plain, beige jumpsuit but put it with lace up heels and a brighter coat to glam it up! I hardly ever wear colour so I was a bit apprehensive about wearing the coat but I think I made it work?!

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Christmas Gift Guide For Her: Fashion


How is it Christmas already?! This year has gone by so quickly, TOO quickly even. But then again, I guess we all say this every year don’t we?

I thought it was about time I would post about Christmas gift ideas to give you some inspiration! Click on the pictures to be directed to the website:

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Kiko Haul!


I discovered this brand when I was living in Valencia as it is better known there than it is here in London. I have to say that it immediately became one of my favourite as it’s so reasonable for the quality.

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The Mystery of Coloured Concealers


I always use to wonder what all these different coloured concealers were used for and whether they actually worked. I’m sure there are some of you out there who still have these questions in their minds. Well, hopefully this post can help with that. I’m going to give a quick run down on the purpose of each colour:

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Travel Handbag Essentials


There are a few things that NEED to be in my travel handbag when flying out. I have a habit of packing my bag the night before, I mostly keep chucking things in my bag here and there but I check it one last time right before I go to sleep. Here are my must-haves:

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Livin’ The Smoothie Life

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A couple of months ago I got into the whole ‘being healthy’ thing which meant I had to change my diet. I’m not the kind of person to always be snacking and I don’t have a sweet tooth either so my diet wasn’t awful but I still wanted to lose a little bit of weight.

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When in Paris


The best thing about having friends abroad is that they know their own city and therefore are able to show you places you wouldn’t usually think of (being a tourist). Here are a few things I think everyone needs to see and do when in Paris:

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10 ‘Must-Knows’ for Starting University

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As most of you probably know, I have just graduated and four years have literally flown by! However, I wish I had known a couple of things before going to uni – it would have made things so much easier! So today, I am going to try and make YOUR uni experience a little bit easier by giving you a few pointers:

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Graduation Make-Up: What’s On My Face?

 As promised, here’s the post about how I did my hair and make-up for my big day!

For a day like this, I wanted my make-up to last really long and not melt off my face! Even though the weather in England isn’t really that hot, I knew I’d be running around in my robe all day and taking pictures, so I wanted it to be perfect.

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Graduation Day













I am officially a Law Graduate!

This day was by far one of the best days of my life. It was just amazing and I can’t explain the roller coaster of emotions I was feeling. To put it into one word; I was OVERWHELMED.

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Graduation Prep!


I’ve finished my law degree in June but my Graduation Ceremony is in a couple of days. I am so excited about it – I haven’t even been able to sleep properly the last few nights!

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